Blackout Curtains Gradient Rainbow Color Hollow Star Double Layer Curtains Kids Girl White Sheer Window Curtains For Bedroom Living Room

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1、Price is just for 1 piece of Curtain.

2、W= Width, H= Height. To fit your window better, measure about 2 times as much as your window.

For example: window width=150cm, Height=250cm, we suggest buy  2 piece curtains of W150 x H250cm or 1 piece curtain W300 x H250cm.

3、Tulle can be washed by hands softly , can't be washed by machine!!!

4、Price does not include the curtain rod, rail, hook, beads, lace and tieback.

5、Please allow 3cm error because of manual measurement.

6、Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of curtain might be slightly different from the color shown on the photo.

Creative gradient and hollow out design

Hollow out star design, under the sunlight, it is like a twinkling star in the sky, very beautiful

Physical shading rate 85%

Provide you with a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Preferred comfort fabric

Environmentally friendly and breathable fabric gives you an intimate sense of returning to nature.


Choose a curtain style

Style 1: Grommet top (rings)

The inside diameter of the rings is about 4cm, suitable for the curtains poles.


Style 2: Pull pleated tape

Pull pleated tape works better on the fabric which are not too thick.

Suitable for curtains poles or tracks.

NOTE: We will equip the curtain accessories shown in the picture for you, equipping with 6pcs per meter according to the width of the curtain. BUT WE DON'T EQUIP WITH CURTAIN RODS AND HANGING RINGS ON THE ROD.

How to measure curtain size?

Curtains width= 2xA (That is: the total width of curtain is equal to twice the width of the rod or track.)

Window curtains length = B/C/D ( up to you)

Track: measure from the end of the track to your chosen end point. we suggest you choose "pull pleated tape".

Pole: measure from the top of the pole to your chosen end point. we suggest you choose "grommet top (rings)

Various color choices, just for your home life.

Gradient pink

The combination of gentle blue and calm yellow is quiet and comfortable.

Gradient gray

The gray-pink collocation has a lively sense, and the color is not strong, creating a pin but not greasy space.

Gradient blue

The combination of gentle blue and calm yellow is quiet and comfortable.

Gradient green

The combination of gentle blue and fresh green is the color of nature and full of vitality.

Gradient beige

Beige gray match, elegant atmosphere, pure and romantic.

Gradient purple

Pure blue blends with noble purple, quiet and elegant.

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