Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow U Shape Sleeping Support Pillow For Pregnant Women Cozy Bump Maternity Pillow Full Body Side Sleeper

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Multifunctional inflatable pregnancy pillow

Enjoy outdoor and indoor time anytime and anywhere.

Portable | Comfortable | Inflatable type


1.[Convenient]: Easy quickly inflatable, comfortable and non-threatening.Easy folding and storing, it is portable and saving space.

2.[Inflatable for maximum comfort]: it is easily adjustable so you can control the amount of air for a comfortable, in order to relax your body, head, Waist, legs, knee, neck. make you enjoy your comfort throughout pregnancy.

3.[Designed for pregnant mothers]: Leg support/ Abdominal support/ Lumbar support. We strive for excellence and continuously improve product quality, only for expectant mothers to enjoy better sleep during pregnancy.

4.[Comfortable sleeping]: 30 degree microside sleeping position, you can sleep happily during pregnancy. Fixing the left side sleep can reduce you terine pressure and ensure the safety of pregnant mothers and babies.The mind and body are relaxed every day. New design adjustable backrest pillow, relax muscles, sleep quality instantly up

5.[Multiple usages, free combination]: After the baby is born, it can be used as a nursing pillow, a leisure pillow, more usages at will


Fabric Material: Flocking Fabric

Shape: U shape

Part: body, head, Waist, legs, knee, neck

Size Of Full Inflation Size: 140x80 CM

Color:  green, camel, gray, navy blue

Fuction: help protect the waist, abdomen and legs. help to reduce the pressure on the abdomen.

warning: this Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow can not be used as a life-saving appliance!

01、Can be used in any scene: outdoor or indoor

A pregnancy pillow U shape applicable to: pregnant mother with too big abdomen/ back pain/ wrong sleeping posture/ impaired fetal position/ edema during pregnancy/ pregnant mother who is not sleeping well

02、Convenient:  Inflate quickly, use at any time, comfortable without longtime waiting.

High-power air pump, fast inflation, outdoor use also gives you peace of mind. It is more convenient to carry, and the folding storage does not occupy space.

03、Back support: Fill lumbar space, relieve low back fatigue

Fits the curve of mothers waist, reduces mother's burden.

04、Abdominal support: Support the abdomen, more comfortable sleeping position on the left

Designed for pregnant mothers, supporting the abdomen all night.

05、Comfortable: Flocking fabric, breathable and comfortable

Environmentally friendly flocking fabric, soft and comfortable to the touch, giving you more intimate care.

06、Package: Atmospheric gift package, preferred gift

The simple and atmospheric packaging design adds a sense of quality to the product. Buying or gifting yourself is a good choice

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